Successfully Resolving Family Law Issues with Dignity, Courtesy and Integrity

Rachel is a Certified Family Law Specialist who provides superior legal services to her clients who are navigating some of the most difficult life events – divorce, separation, division of assets, and parenting in separate households. To facilitate a positive outcome, Rachel believes it is critical to stay focused on what matters most to her clients while helping to minimize conflict to achieve the best result. Rachel and her staff are committed to meeting the needs of clients as they navigate through separation, divorce, asset division, distribution of property and child custody issues. Most importantly, Rachel helps alleviate the pressure of the divorce process by being focused on what’s important to the client and by providing a comprehensive approach to resolving disputes.

Rachel is highly experienced in all aspects of family law including complex asset division, division of stock/stock/options/RSUs and other non-cash compensation, high conflict child custody matters, child and spousal support, drafting of prenuptial agreements, and domestic violence restraining orders. The office is centrally located in San Rafael for ease of serving clients throughout Marin County including San Rafael, San Anselmo, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Sausalito, Tiburon, Belvedere, Mill Valley, Fairfax, Larkspur, Corte Madera, and Novato.

Practice Areas

Common Issues in Navigating Divorce

Complex Compensation – Stock, Stock Options, RSUs and Beyond

Complex compensation packages, whether inclusive of stock, stock options, RSUs, other employer paid benefits, K1 income, or bonus income, influence the division of assets and the calculation of support. Rachel understands these complexities and can assist you to get the best possible result.

Characterizing and Dividing Property

Characterization of property can be complicated. Whether you have real property, a long-established business, investment or retirement accounts, stock, stock options, RSU’s, determining whether they are community or separate property or a combination of both requires the knowledge of an experienced family law attorney. Rachel will assist you in this determination.

Navigating High Conflict Custody Cases

High conflict divorce can have a life changing negative impact on both parents and the children. Rachel assists her clients in navigating high conflict divorce by addressing both the emotional and legal aspects of resolving disputes so there can be long-term strategies to minimize the negative impact on the parents and children.

Representation Options


Rachel is a highly qualified mediator who assists people who want to resolve their matter without the need for litigation or court intervention. In her capacity as a mediator, Rachel acts a neutral and meets with both parties (and their attorneys if they desire to have attorneys present) to facilitate resolution of their family law issues including, but not limited to property characterization and division, asset valuation, business valuation, stock/option/RSU apportionment, child support, spousal support, and child custody and visitation issues.
Many people choose mediation instead of litigation in order to resolve their divorce, custody, financial and support disputes amicably and at a reduced cost.

Individual Representation

In providing individual representation to a client, Rachel acts as the client’s adviser and advocate through all stages of the proceeding. This includes strategizing with the client to obtain the best result during the client’s Divorce, Legal Separation, Domestic Partnership Dissolution, Parentage Proceeding, Support Modifications, Child Custody Cases and Domestic Violence Cases.  Rachel uses her extensive knowledge of complex family law matters to resolve issues efficiently and effectively based on clear and reasonable goals.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process that helps parents in high conflict cases resolve parenting disputes without court intervention. Rachel’s uses her extensive experience as a high-conflict child custody attorney, mediator and Interdisciplinary Settlement Conference panelists to assist parents in her role as a parenting coordinator.

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