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Compassionate Counsel Helping You Resolve Domestic Violence Matters

Domestic violence continues to affect families throughout San Francisco and Marin County. The very sensitive and emotional nature of a relationship that suffers from abuse requires the utmost skill and compassion in helping a client through the emotionally draining process.

Whether you are the party who is being accused of domestic violence or the victim of domestic violence, Marin County family law attorney Rachel Castrejon can skillfully help you through the process in a dignified manner with the least amount of collateral issues for you and your family.

How Domestic Violence And Restraining Orders Can Affect Divorce Proceedings

Domestic violence and restraining orders can have a significant impact on how you proceed with your divorce, including how and where you negotiate property division, the state of your custody and visitation rights if you have children, and whether an alleged abuser can receive spousal support. In addition to affecting how you go through the divorce process, domestic violence and restraining orders can also affect whether an alleged abuser can remain in the family home.

Attorney Rachel Castrejon understands the sensitive nature of divorces involving domestic violence and restraining orders. In addition to having a comprehensive understanding of California family law, she is also an incredibly skilled litigator, negotiator and mediator. She is equipped with the tools necessary to resolve matters quickly and effectively, all while keeping your family’s best interests in mind.

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If abuse or violence is a legal issue in your divorce, talk to an attorney with the compassion and experience necessary to seek the most positive resolution. Contact the firm to schedule an appointment with attorney Rachel Castrejon to discuss the details of your case. Call her San Rafael office at 415-482-0441 or contact the firm online.