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Helping You Through The Divorce Process In California

Rachel Castrejon makes going through the divorce process as seamless as possible by guiding her clients through the process with compassion and purpose in order to accomplish the best result for the client. During the divorce process, the divorcing parties must value and allocate assets and debts, determine spousal and child support, resolve child custody and visitation issues, and resolve other complicated issues such as business valuation and division and stock/option/restricted stock units division.

With over 20 years of experience, Rachel Castrejon works collaboratively with accountants, experts, appraisers, business valuation experts, psychotherapists, parenting coordinators, realtors, estate planning attorneys and others to help you resolve all of your Marin County family law issues in an effective, efficient and dignified manner.

Property Division

California is a community property state. This means that assets and debts acquired during marriage are presumed to be community property and, absent an exception to the presumption such as a prenuptial agreement, title change or other exception, the assets and liabilities acquired during the marriage will be divided equally. This does not mean that each asset must be split, but rather that the value of all of the community assets and debts must be determined and allocated equally between the parties. If the parties are unable to agree to an allocation of assets and debts, the court will decide the allocation. Throughout the divorce process, Rachel Castrejon will assist you in determining the best way to allocate the assets and liabilities to accomplish the goals that are most important for you.

Complex Asset And Income Issues

As the advent of technology and business grows, family law issues evolve and require familiarity with complex compensation packages that include stock/options/restricted stock units and other forms of nontraditional compensation. Likewise, startups and long-standing businesses, whether small or large, need to be valued. Having familiarity in these areas allows Rachel Castrejon to assist her clients in resolving spousal and child support issues and complex business valuations by taking into consideration all aspects of compensation and valuation and working collaboratively with experts in business valuation.

Spousal Support Or Alimony

In California, there are two defined periods of spousal support. Temporary spousal support refers to the support that is paid or received between the time that the parties file for divorce or separation and the time that judgment is entered. Temporary spousal support is usually determined by a statewide uniform guideline calculation. Permanent spousal support is the spousal support that is paid or received after judgment is entered and you are divorced or legally separated. Unlike temporary spousal support, permanent spousal support is determined by the review of several factors, which are enumerated in Family Code section 4320. Rachel Castrejon can help you determine the amount of support that would be appropriate in your case so you can determine the best plan in pursuing support options.

Domestic Partnership and Same-Sex Marriage

Rachel has represented several clients in domestic partnership disputes and dissolutions and same-sex marriages. This representation includes out-of-state clients who have to dissolve their partnership in California because the state in which they reside does not recognize the domestic partnership.

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