Individual Representation

Individual Representation in Family Law

Rachel offers individual representation to a party in Divorce, Legal Separation, Domestic Partnership Dissolutions, Parentage, Support Modifications, Custody Cases and Domestic Violence Cases.  Rachel assists her client in resolving asset and liability division, child and spousal support issues, child custody and visitation issues, and domestic violence issues both in the court process and/or mediation process.

Litigation Representation

If the case is a litigation case, Rachel will represent the client in all aspects of the litigation including filing the Petition, Motions for Temporary Support, Custody or Visitation and bringing the case to Judgment.

Consulting Attorney in Mediation Cases

If the parties are in mediation with a neutral third party mediator or a private judge, Rachel will consult with the client through the mediation process to advise the client on his or her rights in order to reach a fair agreement on all issues.