Modification of Agreements and Orders

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You may be able to modify your agreement or court order

When you sign an agreement or the court issues an order regarding issues such as spousal support, child support, or child custody, the agreement or order is enforceable. However, if circumstances change or you discover new information, you may be able to modify your order. 

When can you modify an agreement or court order?

If you experience a significant change in circumstances that you believe affect the terms of your settlement or court order, you should seek the advice of counsel about your modification option.  For instance, if you lose your job, have an extraordinary medical issue, or discover that your children are at risk because the other parent is abusing drugs or alcohol or is being abusive to the children, you may be able to ask to the court to modify your agreement or court order.  Likewise, if you discover that your spouse lied to you or failed to disclose an asset before you signed the agreement, you may be able to set aside the agreement or court order.

What should you do if your circumstances have changed?

Find out what options you have by calling Rachel and scheduling an appointment. Rachel will be able to guide you through the various options for resolution of what matters to you.