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The Benefits of Marin County Mediation

The benefits of mediation are significant. Many people choose mediation instead of the court process in order to resolve their divorce, custody, financial and support disputes amicably and at a reduced cost.


Family law matters are emotional no matter what issues are involved. The mediator helps the parties resolve their differences by agreement, generally leading to a less adversarial process and amicable result. Lessening the conflict is also good for the children.


Unlike the court process where parties are often required to file private personal and financial information in the public record, mediation is confidential. This allows parties to be completely candid without the fear that the information is going to be known to the public. The mediator cannot be called as a witness to testify on either party’s behalf.

The Parties Maintain Control Of The Process

In a court proceeding, the judge controls the process. In mediation, the parties control the process and can reach agreements that the court does not have jurisdiction to order. Controlling the process also means setting the schedule for resolution. Instead of allowing the timing of the case to be dictated by the court’s busy calendar, the parties to a mediation can schedule meetings that are convenient for them.

Neutral, Safe And Resolution-Oriented

Mediation is a safe place for parties to discuss their disputes in front of a neutral, experienced family law mediator who can facilitate a settlement without court intervention.