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Renewing a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

When renewing a restraining order, it's best to be informed about the process in advance. The Court has the power to renew a restraining order upon the request of the protected party. The protected party must file a request to renew the domestic violence restraining…

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How to Obtain Your Spouse’s Financial Information

It is critical to understand your financial picture when you are going through divorce. Often, your spouse holds important information about your finances that you do not have access to. There are several mechanisms through which you can obtain your spouse's financial information, all of…

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innocent spouse tax relief

Innocent Spouse Relief in Tax Law

Generally, both spouses are responsible for paying any tax, interest, or penalties from their joint tax return. If you are going through a divorce and believe your current or soon to be former spouse should be solely responsible for an error or an underpayment of…

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Obtaining and Renewing a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

Obtaining a Domestic Violence Restraining Order To obtain a domestic violence restraining order, the abused party must show that it was more likely than not that he or she suffered abuse by the other party. Requests for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders are usually made to…

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